As means to serve a wider range of clients, we also provide specialty fertilizers that provide unique functions and efficacy to produce better quality.


A type of fertilizer with a coat of polymer resin layer. The fertilizer is released in a controlled manner that is only influenced by soil temperature, but not affected by soil pH, microbial activities, and soil moisture. With a single application, the fertilizer will supply the plant with nutrients for a period of many months as per specification. It is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that greatly prevents nutrient losses through leaching and volatility. It is safe to use and does not scorch the plant roots as well.

We also have specially formulated fertilizers that are suitable for household & landscape requirements.


A better choice of Micro-Nutrients Fertilizer that enhances with slow-release effects.  The Micro-Nutrients are made available to plants with precipitation of metals in soil and interference of Phosphate in soil are minimized. It is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that provides better performance even with fewer fertilizer application rate.  It is safe to use and does not scorch the plant roots, and the risk of plant phytotoxicity is eliminated.


A type of fertilizer that provides various types of nutrients to plant through foliar spray or fertigation system.  The fertilizer effect is much faster than traditional fertilization method such as ground broadcast.

Hextar distributes various types of LEILI Seaweed based foliar fertilizers with multiple functions that is specially formulated for wide range of cash crops planting and fruit orchards fertilization usages. LEILI Organic range of products are suitable for ORGANIC FARMING and the entire product range is certified as Organic Product by IMO & ECOCERT.S


Micronutrients are essential for better crop yield and quality, creating a balance of all the vital nutrients required for optimum growth. They include magnesium, manganese, boron, iron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt, and silicon which are often short in supply. It can be used on palm oil trees, paddy fields, and chrysanthemum plants.