In our ongoing efforts to diversify our portfolio, we've ventured into the lubricant industry, drawn by its parallels with the operational characteristics of our gel business. Our main business focuses on manufacturing lubrication oil and oil-related products, as well as manufacturing liquid solutions for household uses such as car shampoo and other chemical product kits tailored for vehicles.

We are in partnership with “Valvoline” established in 1866 as one of the oldest lubrication companies from United States, with the potential of becoming the brand’s sole distributor in Malaysia. Additionally, we are set to collaborate with Greatocean to further expand our business.

Our comprehensive facilities include laboratory equipment, storage tanks, mixing tanks, process tanks, finished goods tanks, and more. We possess robust research and development capabilities to continuously enhance and refine our product range and quality through the latest technology. We currently hold certifications for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 from SGS, attesting to our commitment to quality and environmental standards.

Heavy Duty Industrial Lubricants